NOTE:  SHO Source has been in the process of reconstructing our entire website using a new software package.  

We know there will be issues with the shipping charges, as this system handles things differently.  We are doing our best to be fair to our customers, so if the shipping charge for your order becomes "stupid," please contact us and we will work with you for a solution.

SHO Source Policies

Ordering, Liability & Shipping

SHO Source is a specialty company owned and operated by people who love the Taurus SHO and want to see these awesome cars continue to run strong.  In order to do that successfully, we are obliged to adhere to the following policies.

Ordering ~

Customers are responsible for the correctness of their orders.  SHO Source will not check an order for accuracy unless specifically asked to.  We will process the order and ship part(s) based on the information in the current order (not information from emails, phone conversations, past orders, etc).

Liability ~

By ordering any item(s) from SHO Source, you are acknowledging that you release SHO Source, its parent company, its members &/or employees, its suppliers and affiliates, of any and all liability for consequences, damage, or injury (including death) due to purchase, installation, use or misuse of product (including information) purchased, or obtained, from or through SHO Source.  

Information posted on the SHO Source website, or given through email or other conversation, is only meant to be helpful guidance, and is not guaranteed to be perfectly correct or up-to-date -- Use at your own risk.   SHO Source does not assume any responsibility or liability for what you, your mechanic, or others, do with this information.

Shipping Information ~

Orders will be processed once full payment is received.  If payment is by money order or E-Check, we will not process the order until payment clears.  Not all products are in stock in our inventory; many parts are shipped from various distributors / manufacturers.  Availability will affect when the product ships.  We will let you know if anything is out of stock or if there is a delay.

Additionally, shipping fees listed in the ads are for areas within the continental US;  shipping prices for Alaska, Hawaii, and International locations may need to be adjusted, and may include international and customs fees.

Ground Shipping ~

Every item is shipped using standard shipping services.  Since parts may ship from different distributors / manufacturers, different shipping methods may be used (e.g. USPS, FEDEX, DHL or UPS) over which we have no control.  We will get you a tracking number if it is available.  Larger / bulky / very-heavy items may have to be shipped via Greyhound Package Express or Freight Carrier.

We do not guarantee delivery dates because many factors are outside our control.  Please check with us if you need fast emergency shipping and we will attempt to help you -- Extra charges will apply. 

Canada ~

Canadian Customers are responsible for any GST, PST, Customs or Customs Brokerage charges.  Because some of our distributors collect and pay the taxes before shipping, we collect a 15.7% tax on all Canadian orders.  If our distributors or SHO Source do not pay the taxes in advance, the unused tax collected will be refunded..

International ~

Please inquire for special international shipping arrangements.


Cancellations & Returns

Cancellations ~

All Sales are considered final upon shipment from either SHO Source or our suppliers.  To cancel an unshipped order, please email us immediately.  Some orders on specialty items are not cancelable under any circumstances; sales on Custom Items are final.  Please check with us when ordering specialty / custom items.

Returns ~

All Sales are considered final upon shipment from either SHO Source or our suppliers (i.e. we do not accept returns of non-defective items).  

For a Warranty return, please contact us before returning the item so we can give you a Customer Warranty Return Number and an address to send item to. 


NOTE:   SHO Source aims to provide the best possible, specialized and personal service, and to provide you with the quality products you need at a fair cost.  We reserve the right to modify or cancel any order if deemed necessary due to errors in the website, errors in ordering, changes in available product, lack of stock, or changes in prices or shipping charges, etc.


SHO Source respects your privacy.

We will not give, sell or trade your information to third parties.

Your information is only disclosed so our suppliers can fulfill your orders, or by a lawful subpoena  or warrant.

Banner Photo for the Policies Page is of sunlight glistening on a forest stream, because we like how the light sparkles and the color matches.  Photo by KJ Stimson of All The Best Shots.